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I am honoured and excited to have been associated with Omkar International School since its inception in 2007. My experience at the resource learning centre and the industry have afforded me...

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About School

Omkar International School, a unique school that is supported by Knowledge, Experience and Commitment. We believe that education should be a rewarding and enriching experience for a child. We at Omkar international school are driven by passion for excellence in our selves and the way we do things. We will be valued for our dedication and professional expertise.

Omkar International School Means

Education institute working time from 7:55 AM to 1:30 PM

Highly Educated and experienced teachers

Commencement of teaching with the purity of school atmosphere through oblation with "Vedic Hymns"

Only 30th students for class

Every class rooms are observed by CC TV cameras.

Humble efforts towards retention values of the Indian culture amongst the circumstances of blindly following Epicureanism, Materialism and western culture

Institute providing the best education through practical education by computer, stretched up to e-mail and internet, in the era of Information Technology, talking a big leap.

Unique institute paving a new avenue leaving behind the definitions of education concerned with only books, examination and rustles.

An institute creating generations of self confidence, resolute and strong children.

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