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I am honoured and excited to have been associated with Omkar International School since its inception in 2007. My experience at the resource learning centre and the industry have afforded me...

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Extra Activities


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At Omkar International school we encourage students to involve in numerous activities which suits with their abilities. We always try to make these activities and such occasions a powerfully positive experience for the student.

It is a well established fact by international educational experts that, schools that encourage their students to actively participate in extracurricular programs have a significant achievement in academic and disciplinary sectors. The way in which we promote extracurricular programs at our school enables our students to have higher academic achievement and higher levels of commitment and attachment to the society and social causes.


Here at Omkar International school, we offer guidance and the needed resources for our students in activities like 

Dance, Music, Skating, Rifle-shooting, Rope climbing, Karate, Yoga, Gymnasium, Cricket, Volley ball, Foot ball, Kabbadi, Kho-kho, other creative arts etc.



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