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I am honoured and excited to have been associated with Omkar International School since its inception in 2007. My experience at the resource learning centre and the industry have afforded me...

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School Facilities
School campus with state of the art facilities spreading over 20,000 sq. yards of land.

Large education complex decorated with beautiful garden, giving breezy and peaceful atmosphere to the children.

Campus having spacious playground for activities like Gymnasium, Cricket, Yoga, Volley ball, Foot ball, Kabbadi, Kho-kho, Skating, Rope climbing, Rifle-shooting, Karate etc.

Facility of School-bus for picking and leaving students.

Unique atmosphere of modern education giving recollection of Rishi-tradition of education amongst the natural beauty on the bank of the holy river Sabarmati.

Up to date Computer lab with internet facility.

Audio-Visual hall and E-class providing the latest education through LCD projector.

Large Laboratory with all the facilities to inculcate the scientific approach in the student right from his childhood.

Teachers and trustees dedicated to education with a sense of service and not as a means of generating income.

Healthy hygienic food provided by canteen.

In house emergency medical treatment, medical check-up at regular intervals as well guidance of expert for maintaining health.



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